Culinary Living Update


Hey, y’all!

How are things in your world?  I am excited with the completion of my new website.  It has been many, many months in the creation stages, but we feel that we have a great site now to move forward with my personal branding.

The site is full of information about the many parts of my life that mean so much to me.  jannrob!nson Culinary Living of course is important, as it is an integral piece in my personal branding.  At the end of the day, I am a Southern Girl.  This is my personal distinction, separating me from many companies that provide catering and related services here.  When I say a Southern Girl, I’m talkingabout Southern Hospitality.  It is this legacy of the South and its people that distinguishes us amongst the many choices out there.  You know that Southern people take care of you.  I say, “Making Southern food and Southern life Fabulous!” This means that what I offer is modern, it’s familiar, and comforting, it makes you relaxed about the projects you involve jannrob!nson Culinary Living in.

I will be blogging often, so please find the blog tab on my page.  The current blog is about Holiday Open House season.  Many companies host office and at-home events for their clients and staff during the holiday season.  You can and we will serve your needs from planning and catering to valet parking service.  We have it all.

There is also I blog where I’d appreciate much feedback, “What’s so good about the South?” I would love to hear just what makes the Southwonderful to you and warms your heart like no other place on Earth.

If you know any Diabetics, check the Healthy Living on TV tab whereyou will find segments from Fox 6 Midday News featuring my DiabeticFriendly Dessert recipes. Please share with your loved ones. These recipes are great for your entire family!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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