meet jann

Conquering every challenge she faces,
making dreams written in her childhood reality,
Jann’s motto is, “I never accept a second no.”

Hang around jann robinson for more than twenty minutes and you too will began to believe that South of the Mason-Dixon Line is the best place on Earth!
For the joy she emits upon everything around her, in 2005 writer, Jennifer Beutner, proclaimed jann, “Southern Joie de Vivre!


Do it again, and again. Day after Day.

Southern women are ladies of beauty, ingenuity, strength, character, and mountain moving faith. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, jann robinson is the kind of “Steel Magnolia” representative of women of the South.

Veteran entrepreneur, widow, and dedicated mother of six, jann’s everyday is about showing the six and the whole world, It Can Be Done. jann believe that obstacles, challenges, and fear are human, but pressing forward despite all places one among the greatest. At the untimely passing of her husband, Dave, jann decided that staying in the food business and expanding it was her new venture.

Counter to other’s prodding for her to “do something else now”, jann’s belief in following one’s heart was her motivation to ignore the white noise around her. Taking her love for food and life, jann caters, teaches food safety to food service professionals, discusses healthy living and performs healthy food demonstrations for those with compromising health issues on Television.

jann is creating a brand and a business model involving the food she loves and the South which pump through her veins. By God’s grace and her continued determination, it is certain to grown exponentially incorporating each little Robinson as they grow. jann teaches their children that “I can’t” is base and limiting, stifling growth and creativity. She teaches them to say, “I need help” as the proper response to situations conjuring temporary frustration. As children we are taught, “no man is an island to himself.” jann finds this truth as one to grow by. jann believes that our visions are not for us to accomplish all on our own. jann says, “Incorporate others of like mind, vision, and purpose to make your collective dreams and imaginations reality.”

jann also teaches the children about sharing, she shares the South with everyone she meets. jann wants to let the whole world know about The South and everything that makes Southernness more than trend and a way of living here, but applicable to any space and place beckoning a ‘front porch swing with a glass of sweet tea’ atmosphere.

Listen and look around, your bound to see jann somewhere…on a stage, your radio, or television somewhere around the country you’ll find jann sharing her smile and her home, the South.