MLK Day, not a day off, but a day ON!

Such a poignant call to service and declaration to our nation.  Today was a day of memorialization, retrospect, dedication, and transformation.  Regardless of your political affiliation, today was a new day for our nation, a new start for us as US Citizens.  Ceremonies are indicative of commemoration of “great starts.”  Today we celebrated the start of our nation’s new administration and start of a life, Dr. King’s life, whose personal sacrifices changed the world.

Today many of us participated in Dr. King’s birthday in service to others.  For many, service is common, just a “random act of kindness.” For others, it’s only on occasion or for extra points that they will they sign up to serve or lend a hand.  If you are the later, now try volunteering once a month this year.  If you are the former, try a new service project, you may find your secret passion or a new career.

To everyone else who says, “Fiddledeedee, I give at work, I serve every Sunday!” So what if you pay your taxes, write a check for the “needy”, or donate to your schools?! True enough, you do give, but what does that feel like??? Does it feel at all like the warmth in the heart felt when a gray-haired lady gives you a single peppermint candy as thanks for your day’s work scraping her home and painting it with a team of co-workers?  Does it feel as good as the smile on the faces of children when you build a playground in their neighborhood?  I doubt setting up an auto-draft of your paycheck for a charity feels anything like the immediate reward received when one goes out of their way in service to another.

Try it more often.  The next time you have a day off, make it a day ON!

You inspire me,


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